GTX 1060 6 GB Mining Overview

GTX 1060 6 GB Mining Overview


The Nvidia 1000 collection is the decrease finish card of the vary. It will probably nonetheless mine Ethereum at 22 MH/s drawing 75 watts system.

If you’re contemplating this I might in all probability additionally contemplate the 1080 Ti, It is going to out carry out this and I’ve seen on reseller at a good value.

Personally I might not purchase certainly one of these, I might go for the 1080 or Ti at this stage. Primarily as a result of the truth that they’ve higher profitability on different algorithms.


Mining Hashrates

Lets discuss hashrates, a gradual 22 MH/s on Ethereum. I’ll do a breakdown of the remainder of the algorithms sooner or later.

Coin Algorithm Hashrate Watts (System)
Ethereum Ethash 22 Mh/s 75 Watts

Mining Overclocks

Subsequent, we are going to focus on overclocks, please modify overclocks in small increments to seek out the best candy spot to your GPU. Some GPUs will carry out in another way as a result of silicone lottery so please do your personal analysis.

Ethash Mining Overclocks

If two numbers are offered, first shall be for Home windows the second shall be for a Linux-based Mining OS.

  • Core Voltage (VDD): NA
  • Energy Restrict (%): 60% or 125w
  • Energy Restrict (%): ~60% or 75 (W)
  • Core Clock (CClock): +150
  • Reminiscence Clock (MClock): +700 or 1400
  • Fan Velocity (%): 70% ± primarily based in your temps.

Mining Profitability

On this part, I’ll refer you WhatToMine as I’ve discovered there calculator to be helpful. Though on this case its referring to an un modded card.

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