RX 5600 XT Mining Overview and Overclocks - 40 MH/s at just 90 watts!

RX 5600 XT Mining Overview and Overclocks – 40 MH/s at just 90 watts!

The 5600 XT is without doubt one of the most effective graphics card each made for GPU mining. Offering 40-44 MH/s at circa 90 watts on Group Crimson Miner who’ve paved the way for AMD playing cards.

5600 XT Mining Hashrates

Subsequent on this part, we are going to discuss hashrates,

Coin Algorithm Hashrate Watts
Ethereum Ethash 40 Mh/s 90 Watts

Mining Overclocks

Subsequent, we are going to focus on overclocks, please alter overclocks in small increments to search out the perfect candy spot on your GPU. Some GPUs will carry out in a different way because of the silicone lottery so please do your personal analysis.

Ethash Mining Overclocks

If two numbers are offered, first shall be for Home windows the second shall be for a Linux-based Mining OS.

RX 5600 XT Ethash Mining Overclocks

  1. Energy Restrict (%):

    90 Watts

  2. Core Clock (CClock): 


  3. Reminiscence Clock (MClock): 

    1840 or 920

  4. Fan Pace (%): 70% ± based mostly in your temps.

Mining Profitability

On this part, I’ll refer you WhatToMine as I’ve discovered there calculator to be helpful. Though on this case its referring to an un modded card.

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Our Mining Rigs and Evaluations

On this subsequent part. You possibly can try the remainder of our mining critiques together with hashrates, overclocks and my rigs:-

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